– Art Pilgrimage


A path of artist is like a path of pilgrim. A pilgrim attempts to cleanse their soul by taking a long way of pilgrimage. Art is a psychological healing apparatus, which could suggest solutions to issues, which appear in our society today. It functions to visualize the structures of mental suffering or social injustice, which could not be easily resolved through specific field such as science or politics. Artist, who makes artwork, is one who heals society through “beauty” in a realm where science cannot prove any. From this perspective, artist can be seen as taking a role of shaman who had been a healer in our community from ancient.  In order to maintain ability as an artist, one has to sustain a pure state of mind. I would suggest a pilgrimage as one of the effective way to sustain it. Today, artist travels all over the world for exhibition and other activities. Every time artist visits new places, they would take energy of the land into their bodies, and after psychosomatic processing period, new work could come out. Through tracing a production process of my own art works, crossing personal and public realm, I attempt to redefine a concept of Art in an idiosyncratic manner.

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The photo documentation is taken on a pilgrimage, tracing Ley Line in UK and Ireland, as well as visiting temples in Bali, Indonesia.