Division of Korea and Body Workshop

  I conducted a series of workshops with North Korean migrants immigrated to South Korea in 2012.   This workshops was with migrant dancers at the Pyongyang Performing Arts Company in Seoul. The company consisted of former performing artists, such as singers, dancers, and musicians from North Korea. As for the dance group, the members […]

Peace tour to Nagasaki with North Korean Migrant Youth

  I took a peace trip together with North Korean migrant Youth in South Korea to Nagasaki, Japan. The youth is a student in Setnet School,  an alternative school for North Korean migrant youth. Setnet School is the only school for migrant youth that is independent from religious organizations. Some schools, organized by Christian churches, require […]

Division of Korea and Art Seminar 4th

  I conducted a series of seminars inviting korean artists who are working on a theme related to division of korea and envisioning reunion in some ways.       제주도 감정 마을 등에서 “마음의 지도”라는 제목으로서 지역 주민들과 커유니티 아트 작업을 해왔던 홍보람 작가님을 모시고 작품 감상 및 대화 나누기 4th Seminar, inviting artist, […]

Division of Korea and Art Seminar 3rd

  독립 영화 감독 김경만감독을 초청하여 “각하의 만수무강”을 상영 Independent Filmmaker, Kim Kyung-man’s works were screened. 우리 나라의 전후 영화 아카이브에서 이승만 대통령을 각하로 모시고 숭배했던 시대의 모습이 담긴 영상과 함께 북진 통일을 추진 했던 모습, 애국의 명목하에 전쟁으로 살인을 거듭하는 군인의 모습, 각하의 만수무강을 축원에서 마스 게임의 대회에 참가하는 국민들의 모습 등을 번갈아 편집하여 […]

Division of Korea and Art Seminar 2nd

In 2nd Seminar I invited Reverend Im Bora. She is an activist working for dissolving a discrimination against gays and lesbians in Korean Christian Community. Most of the Christian Churches and Christians in Korea do not approve of gays and lesbians’ rights. Exclusionism in Korea is deeply related to ideological split made during the cold […]

Division of Korea and Art Seminar 1st

    1st seminar, we invited independent filmmaker Oh Won-Hwan and North Korean Migrant youth, Haneul Kim and exchanged stories and thoughts. Oh’s short documentary, “rootless” was screened. “rootless” synopsis: Story of young North Korean refugees who studied at the Sed Ned School in South Korea and then seek asylum in Great Britain. In order […]