Body Temple




You are your own temple

Offer flowers, prayers, poojas

Worship god and guru within you


Performance, 2017, Owl Barn Residency, Gloustershire, UK

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This performance piece explores the theme on contemporary relation to ‘act of worship’ in human lives.

In human history up until today, many people and religions have been worshipping false God.

As a result people caused destructions, accuse one other, created slave and master hierarchy, and killed one another in the name of God.

Human being is still not getting over religious dismay even after the enlightenment.


Many people are atheist in contemporary society. But also, many people are religious.


The problem of some of the religion is that they teach people to worship external god. Some people follow gurus for seeking salvation, but by following guru, they give away their own power to the gurus. That’s how gurus gather energy from people and develop their fame and power.


At the same time, we cannot deny that there are something in this world we cannot fully explain with mere science and logic. I’m interested in this inexplicable realm, the realm of unknown.


Inspired from the Hindu traditional ritual called, ’Abhishekam’ I would like to propose a performance piece titled Body Temple’ .


Abhishekam is the Hindu ritual of bathing the deity with water or other items such as milk or ghee while chanting mantras. Through pouring liquid, power, and flower into the statue of the deity they worship, people believe that they are blessing God. Through cleansing and purifying external form of God’s statue, purification ritual through Abhishekam, they believe their soul is also collectively purified and cleansed. After pouring the liquid and powers, they would close the curtain and the statue of the deity will be cleansed, and fully dressed with beautiful clothes and jewelleries in the end.


Milk, honey, fruits juice, sacred water, water with sacred ashes, etc. are poured onto the statue one after another.



I conducted the Abhishekam ritual onto my own body.

I believe that divine presence and gurus are within each one of us. The point of worship must be within us.

Through the blessing ritual of Abhishekam ritual onto my human organic body, I would like to suggest new vision of human relation with ‘act of worship’.

Many religions teach us to oppress our sexuality and plant a seed of guilt and shame onto our body.

However, human body is most precious vehicle of our soul. I engage with Tantric Teaching by Osho, “embracing our sexual nature fully, through which our true liberation from body will naturally occur.”


Body Temple, performance documentation (english version) 13min

*Please inquire for password to view the video through contact page.



Body Temple, performance documentation (Japanese version) 13min

*Please inquire for password to view the video through contact page.