– Collaborative projects with Migrant Women of Asia in South Korea

Philippine feminist artist Alma Quinto’s workshop with migrant women

September 2011

In Manila, Philippines, Alma Quinto, who has been working on the House of Comfort project to create textile art with local residents with trauma such as survivors of sexual violence, women in slums, and refugees who lost their homes due to volcanic eruptions, was invited to hold workshops with migrant women in South Korea. Many of the women migrated to South Korea for international arranged marriages. Some of the participants were residents of the shelter for domestic violence. Some of them were from the activist groups for migrant women.

필리핀 페미니스트 작가 Alma Quinto 알마 킨토 초청 이주여성과의 워크숍 2011년 9월필리핀 마닐라를 중심으로 성폭력 생존자나 빈민촌의 여성들, 화산폭발로서 집을 잃은 피난민 등 트라우마를 갖고 있는 지역주민들과 함께 섬유예술을 창조하는 House of Comfort 프로젝트를 추진하고 계시는 알마 킨토선생님을 한국으로 초청하여 이주여성들과 워크샵을 개최하었다.

사진: 미리암 이주여성센터에서

협찬 단체: 톡투미, 인천 이주여성 쉼터, 인천 여성의 전화 아이다마을, 한국 성폭력 상담소,  이주여성인권센터