– Sacrifice/ Sacral Dance, Bali



Performance, 2011


I am interested in working in intersection of ritual/ dance/ performance.

I resuscitated a ritual through performance in a location, midst of nature, rather than in gallery or city space. The vernacular ritual has been violently suppressed through colonial and post-colonial era throughout Asia, which left people with a sense of loss.

In March 11th, 2011, huge earthquake hit Japan. Northern coastal towns were swept away by Tsunami.  The nuclear plant melted down, we did not know if we could regain peace after.

I was in Bali, Indonesia. Thinking of my family and friends in Japan, I decided to take Performance Ritual  in Nesa Penida Island of Bali, Indonesia.

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Sacrifice has been made through stuffed animal, Sheep.

Human being has been caught up in a preconception that we cannot live without sacrificing lives of others. People still kill others “to survive.” “God” does not require a blood of living being.

Instead of killing a living animal like pig or sheep, I offer sacrifice through making an object, such as stuffed animal sheep or Origami (folding paper) birds, and make a prayer to bestow life into those object as offering to save lives in danger of loss.



When dance was not for spectacle but a sacred ritual, it was essential a healing practice, which integrates our psychosomatic state of being. In a state of trans, shamans danced sacred dance to heal community of people from ancient. “Origin of Dance” free from spectacle is one of my main themes in my work. Thus Absence of Audience is often a key element in my performance work.



performance documentation, 5min


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